1960s Birthday Card


1960s Birthday Card featuring a hand-drawn typography design that illustrates the highlights of the Sixties. It is sure to be well received by anyone who is a fan of the Sixties.

You can now add a personalised message in this card and send it directly to the recipient.

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1960s Birthday Card

The 1960s birthday card is perfect for anyone who was born or grew up in the 1960s.

The card is versatile and could also be given to commemorate an anniversary, say thank-you or to celebrate any event. It is sure to be well received by anyone who is a fan of the Sixties.

The sixties was a decade of great change and revolution in the world. The swinging sixties became a defining decade in Britain and the western world. Britain was just beginning to forget the perils of World War 2 and had transformed into a world where anything was possible.

Young people had a voice and freedom for the first time. Musicians such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones defined the era with their experimental music and lifestyles. Civil rights moved forward and it really was a time of great hope and prosperity.

The Sixties birthday card has been printed onto high-quality textured card. The card has been left blank on the inside ready for your own personal message.

The card is A6 size, approximately 10 x 15cm, and is supplied with a blank white envelope.

The 1960s birthday card is dispatched within 3 working days. It is sent in a board-back envelope and is cello wrapped to ensure that you receive it in perfect condition.

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 10 × 14.8 × 0.2 cm
Card Size

Large (12.7 x 17.7cm), Standard (10.5 x 14.7cm)

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