Wall Art Ideas for your Home

Wall Art for your Home

Whether you’re looking for wall art for your living room or wall art for your bedroom you’ll look at different styles and colours. These will set the mood for what you want to achieve.

Each room is usually different. For example, think of a downstairs cloakroom. You tend to find selected items which may have a humorous concept or a hint on the past. Whereas in a bedroom you’re more likely to find a serene environment with toned colours and relaxing theme.

There are many different ways to show your art work. It can be framed, shown on a canvas or drawn directly on the wall.

We have decided to look at different rooms separately to give you some ideas of how to find the right art work for your home. We’ve used inspiration from some of our own designs as well as some artists we love.


Wall Art for your Bathroom

First of all, the bathroom, we really wanted to focus on the bathroom. It is a room usually forgotten about when it comes to art work. If you have a downstairs bathroom, as mentioned above, you may have gone for one of the humorous themes but what about your main bathroom? This is usually a busy family room, especially in the morning. It’s practical but also a place you go to relax and be clean, similar to a spa. In this room water plays a big part and natural colours tend to be favoured.

For your bathroom we’d recommend not being too shy with colour, keep it relaxing but a happy place for you to enjoy.


Wall Art for your Kitchen

The kitchen is very similar to the bathroom, one of the places in which art can be the last thought. A brand new kitchen is something people dream of but the art is the final part that can really finish a new design.

Art work in your kitchen doesn’t have to be cliché. You don’t need to focus on food and drink but just the colours. The kitchen tends to be the hub of your home, a place where people congregate. Adding art work can really make a good focus in the room.


Wall Art for your Lounge

Your lounge can be whatever you want it to be, whether you go bold or calm there is a type of wall art for everyone.

There are so many ways to display your art work, this is an example from Fern and Thistle. They use many pieces of art in one small space to create a sense of calm and a focus wall. Standing art work on shelves has also become increasingly popular.

Wall Art for your Lounge

Using colour to complement furnishings through your art work is a great idea. The use of green in this lounge from the sofa to the art work and the plants. It’s great to continue the colour scheme throughout the room.

Wall Art for your Sitting Room

Wall Art in your Hallway

Your hallway is the welcoming place in your home. It’s the first place you welcome guests and also the first place you walk into yourself. Maybe you breathe a sigh of relief that you’re home after a long day at work.

The art work in your hallway should be something that makes you smile, something that helps you to reminisce.

Wall Art for your Hallway

Using a group of pictures together has become very popular. These ones, show different locations. They could be a memory of where you are from, where you got engaged, where you spent a special holiday or where you went to university.

Wall Art for your Hallway

Wall Art for your Bedroom

Everyone has different taste and what we recommend may be liked by you but not your partner. It is important that whoever shares the space agrees on the concept. You should feel happy and relaxed in your own bedroom.

We love large prints in the bedroom. Ones that take up a large portion of the wall and are a focal point.

Again, the colours are important, choose relaxing colours such as greens and blues. This will help to relax you, ensuring you get a good night sleep.

Wall Art for your Bedroom


Overall, your home is yours. You must like the art work you place in your home. Use the colours you love and research into different art work and textures to find what makes you happy.


If unique pieces are something that come to mind, imaging having a wall mural designed just for you. This is something we do for our clients, ensuring they have something personal in their home.

See how you can get that personal touch here.

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