How to Shop Small in Manchester this Christmas

What a year it’s been…with everything that’s going on at the minute I wanted to create this guide on how to shop small in Manchester this Christmas. As a creative independent business I wanted to take the time to introduce you to some other amazing creatives and makers who I’ve met over the past few years and whose products I think would make great Christmas gifts this year. We should all try to shop small, independent and local this year and support all those talented creatives out there.


The drive to Shop Small is not just a good thing for the economy and the community but it’s also great for the environment. Products from local makers aren’t involved in a worldwide supply change, they are hand-produced usually in a home studio or in the local area. Most makers who I have met are very conscious about ethical and environmental issues when creating their products and selecting their packaging, what we create is not just driven by cost but by our ethics and morals. At Sketchbook Design I am always looking to develop my packaging and processes so that they are sustainable and utilise the most environmentally friendly products. 


Lockdown Part Two is going to be particularly tough for small independent businesses as the Christmas shopping period is so vital for many indie businesses to exist. Lots of small creative businesses sell primarily at face to face events such as markets and pop-up retail events which are not possible at the moment. There has been a huge push on social media to #shopsmall this Christmas and I wanted to create a helpful guide on how to shop small in Manchester this Christmas. I’ve chosen several of my favourite makers and creatives from the Greater Manchester area but i’ve not even scratched the surface…there are so many more amazing businesses out there where you can find original Christmas gifts for your loved ones. I’ve also just focused on the Greater Manchester area…I was going to go nationwide but I’ll leave that to the pros, it was too overwhelming!


I’ve created a Manchester shop small photo guide and directory below. I’ve added links to all of the makers instagram page below so that you can check out more of their work. You can also check out all of our prints and products in our online shop


How to Shop Small in Manchester this Christmas

Links to Makers Instagram


Art & Illustration




Vintage & Antiques




Gifts for Children & New Parents


Gifts for Pets

Independent Shops

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