Creative Networking Events in the North West

Creative Networking Events in the north west

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t even know where to start with networking…as an artist or creative where do you fit in with networking events? I’m really keen to build contacts and meet people in a similar situation as me, but I was sure that traditional networking events weren’t right for me. I know that some other creatives and makers feel the same way and that is why I wanted to let you know about two creative networking events and communities I’ve connected with recently. These events are definitely not how I imagined networking to be, they are more of a gathering of like-minded people rather than a sales/lead orientated networking groups.


Concept North

Last week I visited my second Concept North event in the great location of The Artistry House, Preston. I was really honoured to be asked to do a live demonstration during the event where I produce my new “Know Your Worth” painting.

The founders of Creative North describe what they are about… “Founded in 2018, Concept North was born out of two Northern designer’s mutual passion for design and creating opportunities for individuals in the property and design industry.

Their vision is to create a community for designers, architects, interior brands and property developers to connect, inspire, collaborate and access business support through events in the North of the UK.”

They hold creative networking events every two months and you can find out more here or by following them on Instagram


Curated Makers

Curated Makers brings together and champions makers and artists from the North of England.

They provide an innovative platform for small local businesses and high-street retailers to collaborate, via retail pop-ups. By utilising existing retail space, to showcase the products and stories of local talent; their focus is on offering a unique, engaging and interactive shopping experience for the customer, whilst giving small businesses access to retail space that they’ve not had access to before.

Not only do they offer retail opportunities but Curated Makers are also building a community of like-minded makers through their creative networking events and meet-ups. Curated Makers have their next makers-meet up on Thursday May 2nd in Manchester, you can find out more here, or check out their Instagram for up to date information.

Curated Makers have also teamed up with The Creative Business Network to bring Creatival, the creative business conference, to Manchester. You can find out more about the event here

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