Bespoke Office Wall Murals

Do you have a mural in your office?

Have you ever been to another office where there is a bespoke office wall mural on the wall? If so, then you still remember it. That is one of the reasons why having this bespoke artwork can help your business.

It’s not something you have just for guests. A bespoke office wall mural can also spark creativity amongst employees, evoke feelings of happiness and boost morale.

These office wall murals don’t just have to be a basic image of your company logo. They can go into more detail and include words or images that represent more about the company. For example, ethos and values or even something that prompted the creation of the business.

So how do you have an office wall mural created especially for your business?


Mood Board

To have an office wall mural for your business you don’t need to come up with a full design. The artist who designs the mural for you will take into account everything you tell them and put something together.

The best starting point is putting a mood board together. A mood board will show things that you like. It can include colours, ideas and inspiration, images of things you’ve seen and liked. There is so much that can be put together on one board to show what it is you’re looking for.

Here are some ideas…


Once your mood board or boards have been put together your artist will complete some research. They may look into the history of certain items, the reason behind the shapes used in your logo or even research into the location of your business. There is a lot that can come into this area and it is not limited at all.



Your artist will come up with the concept of the design. It is likely you will have more than one so you can select one which you connect with mostly.

From the initial concept they will then start to form an initial design. This will become the final wall mural for your office or workspace.

You will see the concepts and be able to approve the final design before you see the final piece in your office.


Office Mural

The work will then begin on your office wall mural. Your artist will give you an idea of how long this can take to ensure there is as little disruption to your business as possible.

Take a look at some of the examples of wall murals completed by Michael at Sketchbook Design.

Click here to see more


If you like the idea of having a bespoke office wall mural in your office or workspace and you’d like to find out more contact us today.

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