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Cheshire Print by Sketchbook Design Hand drawn Cheshire Poster featuring iconic landmarks. Print available framed or unframed

Do you prefer to buy Christmas gifts for your family knowing they have been made and created with love and care? This is what you get when you shop with independent creators. We wanted to give you some ideas of how you can shop independent this Christmas.

Across the whole country there are so many local and independent stores, with fantastic treats which make beautiful, unique gifts. Something different you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.


Curated Makers

One company we love and admire is the Curated Makers. Curated Makers bridge the gap between the independent makers and the large high street brands. Bringing the small businesses to these large stores. This Christmas alone (2021) they are popping up in John Lewis and Next and even have permanent stores in both Meadowhall in Sheffield and Trinity in Leeds.

Each store holds wonderful gifts from over 50 creators, providing fantastic gifts for your loved ones for any occasion.

Take a look at their Instagram page to find out  up to date information about where they are near you…

Many of our designs are in the curated makers stores so if you’re out and about shopping this Christmas, look out for us there.


Independent Stores

If you’re nowhere near to any of their stores, you’ll find many independent shops around the UK. Providing gifts such as art prints, accessories, jewellery and so much more for wonderful surprises for your family.


Shopping Online with Independent Retailers.

As well as these independent stores, many small businesses also have the ability for you to shop online.

We have this ability and we have gifts available for the whole family. We’ve put together some scenarios for you below, does anyone you buy for fit any of these? Take a look at some of our advice!

  1. Was your loved one born in Cheshire, but moved away to London for work? They still love their home town and try to head back to the countryside regularly? What about a gift of their home county to make them smile every time they walk past it?

Cheshire Print by Sketchbook Design Hand drawn Cheshire Poster featuring iconic landmarks. Print available framed or unframed

  1. Is your loved one an avid Manchester United supporter but they have a lot of the merchandise already and you’re not sure what else you could buy for them? What about the unique gift of a Manchester United print?

  1. Does your loved one love to shop, but they don’t have a special bag to take with them when they go out? What about a beautiful tote bag with a special message showing a music lyric or their home town?

Nottingham Tote Bag from Sketchbook Design featuring our hand-drawn Nottingham illustration

  1. Do you have a special song with your loved one and you’d love to celebrate that song by seeing it in print? What about this fantastic music lyric print to remind you both of your times together?

The Music Sounds Better With You Print | Music Prints and Song Lyric Prints From Sketchbook Design

  1. Do you have a child who loves their home town football club and they also don’t wear anything but T-Shirts? What about this T-Shirt with details of their favourite football club?

Arsenal FC Typography T-shirt from Sketchbook Design

  1. Did your loved one go to a Manchester University and they still reminisce on their time there and love to relive their moments in the city? What about buying a Manchester landmarks print for them to look and smile over?

Manchester landmarks print. Hand-drawn typography print from Sketchbook Design featuring bands, music, people and places from Manchester. The print is available in a range of colours and as an A4 or A3 print.

  1. Does your loved one love to cook and spend a lot of their time in the kitchen baking wonderful cakes and treats? Why not treat them to a lovely tea-towel showing the city you live in?

Brighton Tea Towel featuring ur hand-drawn Brighton illustration


There are so many different gifts you could buy for your loved ones which have a little more meaning and are something you can really treasure.

If you have something in mind and can’t see it in our store, drop us an email.


Take a look at everything available at our online shop.

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