Christmas Gifts for Northerners

Take Me Out Tonight Print | Music Prints and Song Lyric Prints From Sketchbook Design

Do you love a Northerner? Do you want to buy them the perfect Christmas Gift? We have a selection of amazing prints and designs which make perfect Christmas gifts for Northerners! No matter which city or town they’re from.

A unique gift chosen especially for someone can be really special and show that you’ve made an effort to choose something thoughtful.

We wanted to create different gifts that would make an impression and show you care.


Northern City Christmas Prints

If your friend or relative loves the place they live, then these prints may be the perfect option for you to choose. These prints come in sizes from A4 up to A1 and you can choose whether you have it framed or not. They also come in different colours too.

These Christmas gifts for Northerners are all designed and drawn by hand before being printed. Each design has been thoroughly researched, by us, speaking to people who love the areas.

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Sheffield print

Manchester print

Liverpool print

Leeds print

Newcastle print

Sunderland print


Northern Music Christmas Gifts

Do you want to buy a music gift for your northern lover this year?

There are so many amazing artists from the North of England.

Take a look at some of these designs inspired by Northern musicians they make the perfect Christmas gifts for Northerners.

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Shines with You print 1

Take me out tonight print

I’ve dreamt about you print

I wanna be adored print

Shines with You print 2

Sheffield Music

Each of our lyric prints are available in a selection of colours too, so you can choose which one your friend or relative would love the best!


Northern Football Christmas Gifts

Do you want to buy a Christmas Gift for someone who loves a Northern Football team?

We love football as much as any big football supporter. We’ve created so many prints inspired by northern football teams, take a look at our selection below, but there are more on our website for you to view too.

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Sunderland football print

Preston football print

Leeds football print

Manchester City football print

Bolton football print

Liverpool football print


Useful Northern Gifts

As much as you may want to buy something pretty for a gift, some items can also have a brilliant design and be useful at the same time! We decided to expand our gift options and we created Tote Bags and Tea Towels with our city and lyric designs added.

Our Northern Tote Bags can have double usage, use them to deliver your gifts and hand them over for an extra gift too!

The Tea Towels can even be used on Christmas day, so perfect to use immediately.

Here is a selection of our Northern useful gifts!

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Newcastle Tea Towel

Sheffield Tea Towel

Manchester Tea Towel

Sunderland Tote Bag

Leeds Tote Bag

Liverpool Tote Bag


Maybe you’re a little stuck and don’t know what to choose, a gift voucher will always go down well and then your Northern mate can choose their favourite!

Sketchbook Design Gift Vouchers


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