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Bespoke office wall murals at in Manchester

I recently finished a great project where I created three bespoke office wall murals for and in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.

The office is a really creative space where both start-ups operate from and it was great to be asked to add my artwork to their fast-paced environment. During the initial consultation with James Mulvany, the founder of both companies, we discussed ideas he had for the space and certain restrictions for the artwork. For example, as some of the murals may be used as back-drops for filming they wanted me to avoid using green. However I was given free rein on the style of each piece as they were very keen for me to express my creativity in the office wall murals.


Create reach inspire wall mural at in Manchester

Create, Reach, Inspire

The first of the office wall murals that I painted was ‘Create, Reach, Inspire’, this is the title of James Mulvany’s business podcast, and having listened to the first series while designing this piece, I can highly recommend it. Listen and subscribe to the podcast here.

‘Create, Reach, Inspire’ is also the ethos of the business and it’s definitely an ethos I can buy into. I used the existing podcast logo script typeface for the text and then incorporated circles, triangles and squares for the backdrop. Using geometric shapes is something that I find myself incorporating into my work more and more. The inspiration for this comes from a Japanese artwork which depicts a circle, triangle and square painting in one stroke. This signifies the universe and the infinite possibilities that these shapes offer. I thought that this ties in nicely with creativity and the ethos of the company.


Alan Turing Mural

The 2nd mural which is in the main part of the office was designed to be bold and inspiring. James found this quote from Alan Turing which was perfect for the piece, “Those who can imagine anything can create the impossible”.

As this piece wasn’t to be used as filming back-drop I had complete free rein with the colours and the style. I wanted to create something that was big and bold and perfect for the vibrant office space.

Alan Turing Quote wall mural at in Manchester

This mural has turned out so well and is probably my favourite mural that i’ve ever painted however the process of painting it did cause a few headaches! As I always like to push my creative practice forward I often paint in new styles which require a different approach to producing the piece, so there often a lot of trial and error involved. I initially attempted to use some masking tape to section of areas and lets just say it didn’t go to plan, so I quickly reverted to traditional painting techniques!


The final mural was to focus on the newer start-up business, and was to be used a a backdrop in the studio. The location of the piece means that everyone views the piece from the same direction initially so it made it perfect for 3D typography. I created some really striking 3D type and then set that onto a rich blue background with some geometric shapes for texture.

Podcast wall mural at in Manchester


I’ve had such a great experience working on these bespoke office wall murals for the guys at It’s always nice when you get creative freedom and are allowed to explore a range of styles. I’m proud of the work that I’ve created and also what I’ve learnt along the way. I also took part in a short interview with James about the artwork I was producing which you can see below. I’m not sure that I have a future in front of the camera anytime soon…i’ll stick to painting!

If you’d like to enquire about any bespoke office wall murals please contact us. You can also check out examples of our previous work here.

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