Gifts for Music Lovers

Do you know a music lover who would love a music related gift for their birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion? Here are some of our gifts for music lovers.


Music Inspiration

Music means a lot to many people, it’s a way to express yourself and your feelings, it can help you calm down and relax or be uplifting when you’re feeling down.

We know how much music can help people through different periods in their lives, whether it’s a tough time or a time to celebrate songs are often linked to these life events. We’ve looked at so many different songs and artists to find ones that evoke different memories and we’re continuously expanding the collection of music related gifts.


Music Prints

Prints are the most popular gifts we have available on our website. We have prints with lyrics inspired by artists over the decades, including Queen, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac and Oasis.

These prints come in different designs using multiple design methods. Take a look at a selection of designs here…

Let me be the one

Forget everything and remember

I’ve got sunshine

You’ve got the love


View the full selection by clicking here.

No matter the music or genre you’ll find something for your music lover in our selection.


Music T-Shirts

If you’d rather clothing to a print, we also have T-shirts with lyric inspired designs.


Young hearts run free

Love will tear us apart again

Last night a DJ saved my life

This must be the place


View the full selection here


Music Decades

If you’re still not sure which design your music lover would prefer, then we also have some selections of music all in one design. These prints show music throughout different generations, looking back over the decades and the popular music during those times.






View the full collection here


Location Music

If you’re still not so sure and your music lovers loves a certain genre from a specific location such as Manchester Music or Sheffield Music we have these two location specific music prints!

Manchester Music

Sheffield Music


Rap Music

Or maybe they love rap music?

The History of Rap Music Print


Music from the films

If all else fails, music from films has to top it all, we have these two film music prints available from the 80s and 90s.

80s film music

90s film music


You can find all of our music inspired lyric gifts on the website, have a browse through our full selection of designs here


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