Fathers Day Gifts

Don't Worry About A Thing Print | Hand-drawn typography song lyric prints by Sketchbook Design

Dad, Pa, Papa, Father… Whatever you call your dad, don’t forget Fathers Day is fast approaching (Sunday 19th June 22). We thought we would share our top Fathers Day gifts from our studio with you. 

Is your dad a music fan as well as a G&T drinker?

Then we’ve got a proper great gift for your dad! Our ‘I’m Feeling Supersonic’ print, references a great 90’s song by one of our favourite bands and looks great in any colourway! Purchase framed or unframed, the print is available for as little as £16.95, making it a great gift under £20!I'm Feeling Supersonic Print | Hand-drawn typography song lyric prints by Sketchbook Design

Our Cities & Places range is always a hit with dads!

We feature some of the most iconic landmarks, lyrics, haunts and more across locations in the UK and abroad! Like this Hull print for instance. A great addition to any family home, remind your dad about some of your fondest memories in your favourite town, this Fathers Day. 

Hull print featuring iconic landmarks and places. Hull landmarks poster created by Sketchbook Design

Where are all the football Fathers at?

Our football print range features team managers, cult players, chants and more from your family’s favourite team, all in your team’s colours too! What more could a football mad Dad ask for? 

Birmingham City football print Hand-drawn typography artwork from Sketchbook Design

Another one for the music loving father

Our Music Sounds Better With You print is an ideal father’s day present. Inspired by the iconic dance print, this print would look great in any family home, reminding us that music does sound better when it’s shared!

The Music Sounds Better With You Print | Music Prints and Song Lyric Prints From Sketchbook Design

Don’t worry about a thing, cause everything little thing is gonna be alright.

Wise words from a great artist… Our range of music tees, say all that you need to say this Father’s Day. Available in a range of colours and sizes our tees are available to shop now on Amazon.

Dont Worry About a Thing T-shirt Sketchbook Design

Back in my day…

We’ve all heard it before, that Dad that is always reminiscing about his favourite decade. Then behold the ultimate gift for Fathers Day, our Decade prints. This range of prints takes you through the best of pop culture and great cultural highlights of the time. What’s your Dad’s decade? 

1970s Decade Print inspired by 1970s Pop Culture. Hand-drawn typography artwork from Sketchbook Design

Whatever you gift your dad this year, remember to spend some time with the old man, have a drink and catch up, and let them know they are appreciated. Happy Father’s day to all the new & old. 


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