Creating an Inspirational Working Environment

Liverpool Skyline Bespoke Wall Mural

Creating an inspirational working environment where you and your employees or work colleagues can be inspired can be difficult. It is hard to think of things that are inspiring to everyone as everyone is different. However, there are certain things you can do to get the creative juices flowing and have this creative work space.

Consider the people who use the space and the lighting…

Where do people find inspiration?

Inspiration comes in many different ways. For example, some people need to take time out, maybe do some yoga or meditation. Whereas others find inspiration in research, reading books, blogs or watching TED talks.

Ensuring there is space for everyone in your working environment is important. This ensures everyone gains the inspiration they need to make the business successful.


Make it personal

Whether you are creating a space for you, or for a team of people the space can be made personal. For example, think about the type of music you play, clearing space for a clear mind and staying organised.

Liverpool Skyline

This is a section of a Liverpool Skyline mural for a new office on Chapel Street. The abstract warped buildings make the piece engaging and provides a fun backdrop to the new office.



Choose your colours wisely when decorating your workspace. As there are certain colours which should be avoided. This isn’t to say you can’t have these colours anywhere in your space but use them in breakout areas.

Red and orange can be quite intense and distracting colours.  So, it is best to stay away from these around the desk area.

Blue and green help to improve productivity, efficiency and focus. Having these colours in the main office environment is fantastic for boosting performance.

Sunderland University Mural

For a simple way to add some colour, use accent colours in murals or accessories to bring inspiration to your space.



Lighting can be used to change a person’s mood and help them be more focused. Therefore, low light will tend to keep emotions stable. This means in this type of light we can make better decisions and find it easier to agree or compromise.



Think about the different areas of your office space, what do you want each to represent? Each area can be divided into different spaces. This can highlight what each area is used for. You can use different colours, different flooring etc to represent, fun areas, break out rooms, meetings rooms, desk space etc.


A Creative Workspace

If you don’t have that divide between different spaces every office has walls. What you put on the walls can arouse different moods depending on what you choose.

You can improve an office space, retail or commercial space with original hand-painted wall murals. These can either explain your product or business in more detail or evoke feelings when viewed.

Inspirational quotes can awaken inspiring thoughts. You could choose something popular or find something with a small nod that makes sense to your business.

We painted several murals in a radio station which shape feelings of happiness, creativity and thought. This enabled the people in the business to become more productive and be more efficient.

Click here for more information on that piece of work.


If you’re looking to bring inspiring designs to your working environment a mural could be right for you. A unique mural on your walls, ceiling, floor or even furniture can give you this inspiration.  Get in touch if you’d like to see what we can do for you.

We can produce internal and external wall murals to any scale and for any industry.

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