Hatch MCR Bespoke Wall Mural

Hatch Bespoke Wall Mural Commission in Manchester by Sketchbook Design

Hatch, on Oxford Road, offers pop-up opportunities for independent businesses in a central Manchester location. Hatch is built with eye-catching stacked shipping containers around a central square under the iconic Mancunian Way that cuts through the city centre. The project opened earlier this year and features food, drink and retail pop-ups on a rotating basis, however they do also have some permanent features like Takk and OL Brewery.

I was approached by Bruntwood, who manage Hatch, to create an original hand-painted bespoke wall mural for the central square. The brief for the bespoke wall mural was open however they stated that it had to be right for the space and us a monochrome colour scheme.

I looked at what Hatch was about and the people that used the space. Hatch is there to support new independent businesses. Small business owners normally start a business because of a passion, rarely is it just money-orientated, they want to earn a living from something they love. Being a small business takes over your life, you literally have to put your all into it to make it work, but your passion for your business pushes you forward.

I wanted to incorporate and communicate all of the passion and commitment of independent business owners into the bespoke wall mural. I felt that “It all comes from the heart” summed it up perfectly.

Hatch MCR Hand-painted Wall Mural Commission By Sketchbook Design
Hatch MCR Hand-painted Wall Mural Commission By Sketchbook Design


I also took inspiration from a recent trip to Japan when producing the background. In Japan I noticed all of the different textures and patterns used on buildings and these were incorporated into the geometric background of the mural. I wanted the mural to be in the heart of a “busy” background, something that summed up the hustle and bustle of a city. This was also inspired by the location of Hatch in the heart of the city.

The bespoke wall mural was produced in one day and I used Molotow All 4 One ink and pens from Graff City to draw the mural. You can see a timelapse of the process below.

If you would like us to create a hand-painted wall mural for your business, office or home please contact us.

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